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Waste Management Services in Doncaster

If you are looking for a professional commercial waste management company in Doncaster then we are the company for you. Our services include long and short term contracts and are always looking at taking on new clients. At Thompson Fuels & Skip Hire we’ve invested in a state-of-the-art waste recycling centre, allowing us to provide waste disposal and management for a whole host of materials.   This allows us to recycle as much non-hazardous waste as possible, and help the environment.

Recycled Products

Some of the products that we recycle are:

With years of experience working alongside businesses, we ensure you can dispose of your waste in a safe and proper manner. Our flexible, affordable and efficient services are available throughout Doncaster, Epworth and the surrounding areas for your convenience.

The Waste Management Hierarchy 

As a fully licensed waste management company in Doncaster, we have to follow government guidelines.  Therefore we adhere to the Waste Management Hierarchy policy, which guides us on the process for waste disposal.

This process follows the following procedures:


As industry specialists, we can provide advice on how to minimise the amount of waste you create.


Re-using materials can be tricky from a legal standpoint. We can advise you on the most effective solution, including recommendations on recycling.


Helping to divert waste from landfill to protect the environment. We ensure your materials are segregated and broken down into raw materials to be put back into manufacturing. Our team will make this easy and hassle-free for you and your business.


As a by-product of incineration, we create as much energy from your waste as possible.


The landfill option is always the very last resort for us. But we ensure we always act in accordance with the law, working with the Environment Agency to ensure we dispose of hazardous wastes in the most environmentally friendly manner possible.

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In conclusion for more information on Commercial services in Doncaster, you can e-mail us here.  Alternatively, if you wish to talk to one of our specialists call us on 01302 969 709

Our friendly staff are here to help you every step of the way

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  • Credit Cards accepted
  • Credit Cards accepted
  • Credit Cards accepted