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What to do when moving office?

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What to do when moving office?

Moving office can be stressful, even for the most organised of us – but it is a fantastic opportunity to establish what needs replacing and what needs to be kept. Moving office gives you a reason to rebrand and change your working practices, by decluttering and streamlining your work space. This is why we’ve put together this step-by-step guide of how to turn the time-consuming task of moving offices into a productive and rewarding  project for your business.

Your new location

Before you decide the move office, you must take into consideration your new location and whether it serves as an improvement to your business and employees. Relocating may disrupt commutes, increase staffs parking costs and rent costs. If your move is realistic and will serve the business positively, then you will have to hire a team of office removal specialists to ensure the move goes as smoothly as possible.


Have a plan

Planning your move thoroughly will ensure the least amount of disruption to the business on moving day and save you money. We recommend creating a team in which you include an employee from each department, so you can get a clear view of each department’s priorities and needs. Choose a leader who will keep everyone sticking to deadlines, thereby reducing delays and maintaining staff engagement with the move.


Removing waste and renewing your new office space

You must pre-organise all your office furniture into what you’re taking with you to your new office and what needs removing. Booking a skip with Thompson Fuels and Skip Hire will help you quickly and easily remove your old office equipment, whilst being environmentally conscious, as we try to recycle everything we can from the skips after the customer has filled them . We even have a guide on how to reduce your skip hire cost, to learn our tips and tricks click here.


We suggest using post it notes to label everything in your office to avoid any confusion between staff members. It will also make it easier for the office removal staff to organise the moving of items on the moving day.


Moving day

Moving day needs to be as smooth as possible, ensuring communication is clear and thorough amongst all staff. We recommend taking pictures of the condition of the office before you move in to protect your deposit, also testing all electrical equipment before the staff settle in so your business isn’t disturbed.


After the move is completed

Hang posters on your previous address informing customers of your new office. Check up with your moving team to debrief what went well and what still needs to be addressed. Once you have tied up any loose ends and discarded of any empty boxes responsibly with our skip removal service, your office will be ready to go!


Thompson Fuels & Skip Hire are a leading skip specialist, predominantly operating in the Doncaster area. We pride ourselves in delivering a quality service for our customers, by helping them get the best prices for their skip hire. If you’re looking to move office and need to hire a skip, contact us today!