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What is a Smokeless Fuel?

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What is a Smokeless Fuel?

The Clean Air Act was brought about many years ago between 1956 and 1968, to eradicate thick smog being released by countless factories and power stations, with the idea to reduce excess air pollution. Along with the Act, there were “smoke controlled areas” put in place where only smokeless fuels could be burnt. This environmental movement was the beginning of serious change after the “Great Smog” of London in 1952, that put a stop to public transport and events and sadly, took thousands of lives. Since then, the variety of smokeless fuels have come on in leaps and bounds to ensure a happier and healthier environment.

Smokeless fuels – can be manufactured but are also naturally occurring materials, known as anthracite. This material is hard and has a high carbon content generally between 92% and 98%. A higher percentage means that the fuel is more pure and therefore less volatile when burned, releasing much less smoke than other fuels.

‘Smokeless fuels’ include numerous products: Homefire, Supertherm, Anthracite grain, Anthracite beans, Anthracite nuts, Excel, Red Hot ovoids and Smokeless coal nuts.


How smokeless fuel works

Manufactured smokeless fuels are mainly anthracite based and are ground into a fine powder to be re-formed for a variety of purposes. The next stage is the shaping process, where the powder is turned into a matter called ‘briquettes’. These are then combined with molasses or starch, to help them bind them together. After they have been molded they can be used for multi-fuel stoves, open fires and a number of other appliances.

Smokeless fuels are manufactured with the environment and our wellbeing in mind. Not only does this fuel create less than 5g of smoke in one hour but they also release less emissions, releasing 20% less carbon dioxide than a household using smoke producing fuels.


The benefits

  • 80% less smoke
  • Lasts 40% longer than coal
  • 25% less carbon dioxide
  • Better for the environment
  • More efficient, as they offer an increase in thermal output by a third
  • Less maintenance due to less ash being produced
  • Takes longer to burn, and therefore has greater longevity


Traditional Fires

More people are going back to old traditional fires because they provide homes with real warmth and creates a stunning feature inside the home. With a huge array of fires to choose from, whether that’s open fires, closed fires, glass fronted stoves and so on, it’s important that your fire is as efficient as possible. By using the right fuel you could save money whilst looking after the environment and yourself. Take a step in the right direction when you choose to refuel your fire with smokeless alternatives.


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